John Calhoun wrote extensively.  Below you will find a selection of his writings spanning his working years.  Some were proposals for a program of study and were never published anywhere. Some of the papers are personal, such as bibliographies and resumes.





1981 Curriculum Vitae – revised 1984 1981 Curriculum Vitae – revised 1984

1983 Bibliography 1983 Bibliography

4 thoughts on “Papers

  1. Michelle Avataneo May 11, 2023 — 7:47 pm


    I am a PhD student interested in studying the effects of excessive contact on the intensity of realtionships.
    Do you know if there is some archive where I can find the detailed observations of the mice behaviour day to day, in the experiments explained in “Death Squared: the Explosive Growth and Demise of a Mouse Population”?



    1. Hi Michelle – I assume what you are looking for are tables of raw data or graphs that track the movements of each mouse on a daily basis. This must have existed at some point but I do not have it. I know the rats in earlier experiments were color coded and their activity recorded but, again, I do not have those records. It is possible that the material my mother gave to the National Library of Medicine may have included this data but I do not know. As far as graphs of mice or rats and their movements, I do not recall that either. On the other hand, I have not scanned all of the papers I have.
      I am sorry I cannot be of more help.


      1. PS I am going through papers looking for a particular diagram and I came across a paper that MIGHT be more what you are looking for. Not day by day but definitely more graphs & tables. Go to the section Papers – from Calhoun’s private collection and look at the paper titled 1975 Social Modification of Activity Rhythms in Rodents. I did not read it closely so it may not be what you need.


      2. Thank you, Cat! I will look into it.


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