Home Office

Dr. Calhoun and his wife, Edith, bought a house in Bethesda MD in 1964.  It was a split level home located in Wildwood Manor.  The purchase was made while the house was still under construction and the couple made a number of changes to various design elements, creating a home that reflected their tastes.  The lower level was divided by the stairs from the entry level of the house.  To one side was the laundry area and a workbench.  On the side facing the street, with a window onto the front yard, was the area where Dr. Calhoun created his home office.  Below are some photos of the office, taken well after his death but still very much as he left it when he died in 1995.

Below is a catalog of all the books in the house. Column A is where the book is currently located so that I can find it if need be. A yellow space in that column means I could not locate the book and do not know what happened to it.


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